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Justin Coupe

Natomas High School3

Sacramento, CA | Sacramento County


November 5, 2014

Overall great, but there also that there why the school lack of. Good news is the school really support colleges. Teachers are great. Sports had been turn around like football. Most of all bad news what natomas lack of is that natomas lack is that there are less student freedom because of many restrictions to the rule that is meaningless and unneeded. Like no baked food to school that idk why it is restricted. School lunch is pretty crowded and like student need space and there are more student hang out in class instead of outside. I hate the way they just keep playing the song everyday in lunch time and the school realky lack of good food. They are very lack. School barely have the summer school use to advance people to get ahead and wanting to reached their goal to go to college faster. School money barely support the sports which the sports had really turned around in the 2014-15. As the student athlete playing the football season eight now is been the game changer in the 2014 we won our 1st win over 4years, won homecoming over 7 years, and won our senior year over 8 years. Finally going to playoff over 5 years. Natomas has been #1 loosing streak in California. The new Natomas!!

Submitted by a student

July 17, 2013

As a student going into her third year at this school, I have the right to say this school sucks. I will not suggest sending your child here even if you think it is the only option. The school has no respect for the students followed by no care. The school only cares about the football team which has not won a single game in 4 years. They cut out most of the classes that are mandatory for college and the staff does not care at all. The staff at Natomas only care about what you're wearing, not about if you are in class or not. I was stopped on my way to class for wearing shorts... I say, this school needs to focus on the education system than the sports and clothing. They need to focus on making the male teachers and students more mature than worry about normal female parts. Females have legs, males have legs, females are not allowed to wear shorts, males are allowed to wear shorts. Sexiest much? Not only that, it is racist. Parents are probably reading this and thinking "oh, she's a teenager. What does she know?" I happen to be a white female student at this school whom is treated by her race and gender. If you want your kid to go to a poorly educated, racist, sexiest school, fine.

April 7, 2013

As a student at Natomas, i can honestly say that this school is not where you want your kids to attend. Being part of the class of 2013, there are many of us who take advanced placed classes, and at the end of the day, we are the ones who raised the test scores. This school doesn't aim to help and provide opportunities for those of us who choose to excel. It seems as if sports takes the 1st place for attention [even if they are not even good], and all this school does is come up with rules to oppress the students. For example, students are confined in the lunch area at lunch, which feels over crowded, loud and noisy. Balloons aren't allowed in schools, cupcakes, etc. The administrators try to enforce rules, but they are not consistent at all. When girls walk around with cleavages , nothing happens , but when a class tries to promote school spirit, they decide to jump on their throats. The class of 2013 got in trouble for wearing togas without the administrator's permission, and it was not causing disruption in classes, but they still had to take it off.This was just a way for the school to exercise their powers, but it makes no sense & isn't fair because there isn't any consistency

July 28, 2010

This school as a whole is B in my opinion. I have gone here for one and a half years, and the manner in which they deal with problems throughout the school is excellent. The teachers whom i have encountered have given ample opportunity for students with self induced emotional or mental stigmatisms to "catch up". However, students who wished to get ahead of the curriculum had not been helped. Some areas of the academic programs had not been a challenge where, due to my own circumstances, others were a serious task. I believe that this school can be improved with more experienced teachers yet is still a school that i would send my child, were i to have any. :) -Glenn Robinson

Submitted by a student

March 16, 2010

I think this is a great School if you, as a parent are involved. The administration is excellent and the principle is outstanding. Many of the teachers will give extra attention to the students who are interested in getting better grades. If you expect the school to do all the work do us a favor don't send your kids here.

Submitted by a parent

March 10, 2010

Look i just graduated 2009, and i wish i picked a better school to go to. The only thing good about this school is the soccar team and mr. Eick. Some of the teachers seem to pick and choose what kids will succeed, then focus all attention to those certain students. I hated that school but mr. Eick is the only reason i stayed, he made sure i stayed on track with my work. I love mr. Eick and without him natomas high would have been a waste of time.

Submitted by a student

April 29, 2009

My two children have both attended Natomas High. The school has been a positive influence on each. The school has great leadership that keeps parents informed through multiple mediums so you know what is going on at the school on a daily basis. You can view attendance immediatly and interact with your child immediatly as situations arise so your student can suceed. My first daughter has gone on to college and my second is graduating with honors this year and has been accepted at multiple colleges. There experiances at Natomas High has been instrumental in both pursuing higher education. As a parent I would like to thank the staff at Natomas as a whole. I am just a parent who is very busy an not as involved as I would like with the school. I am involved with my child at home and I follow up on there work and attendance.

Submitted by a parent

April 24, 2009

lol dis school is kool teachers giv u da chance to succeed its up to the students if they want to fail other than tht theres fights that happen here and there nothing uncontrollable though

Submitted by a student

March 5, 2009

Natomas high school is a ver nice school which has clean campus i myself was a student at natomas high school. For my freshmen year first semester climax there is very fun and a great place to be and to get to learn students there are very friendly and are willing to make new friends. I go to rio linda senior high school now and i hate it compared to natomas high school so. Parents if your lookin for a great school sign your child to natomas high school hopefully ill return there my senor year to spend the year with my old friends class of 2011!

Submitted by a student

November 11, 2008

With our new adminstration, hard workinf inteligent teachers and supportive counseling snd office staff, this school is hoppin' to the top. Come check us out!!

Submitted by a teacher

September 11, 2008

Natomas High School saved my daughter's life literally in 2006. She was a struggling freshman from another town and didn't feel comfortable asking for help. Once we the parents and the school knew of the entire problems they went above and beyond what our old school district would have. I moved her up here just to attend Natomas High School. She is now a Senior who passed her CASHEE the first time both parts and this year has a 4.0 GPA. This year will be the best year for her since the new principal took over. Mr. Eick loves NHS and its staff and students. All of the students know Mr. Eick by sight and he knows almost every student as well not because of bad behavior but because of school spirit. He has helped the students develop pride in themselves and their school. GO NIGHTHAWKS

Submitted by a parent

July 22, 2008

New principal, Jonhn Eick, is an outanding dedicated,educator. Brings a ton of enthusiasm that will raise student and TEACHER morale. Needs support of parents to be successful.

Submitted by a parent

July 20, 2008

I actually really like going to natomas. I'm a senior and ive been going there all four years. It's very safe. I like the school's environment, everyone is friendly and you won't be bullied if you go here. Most are really good teachers but there are some exceptions of course. I think the english department has the best teachers. One of the teachers won the award for best foreign language teacher nationally, so that's a pretty important thing. The new principal is great, I didn't even now what the old one looked like! The only thing I really don't like about Natomas is the lack of communication between school officials, students, and parents. You have to come to them, or you'll never know when things are happening. All in all, I definately think that Natomas High School is the best public high school in the area.

Submitted by a student

January 3, 2008

Natomas High isn't that bad. I am currently attending there as a freshman student. Most of the problems are caused by the students. The teachers are very nice and helpful. They give you many chances to turn in work and to succeed. Most of the students don't take these chances. Parents also only hear what their kids say and if their kids are having trouble they think the whole school is bad. That's not true. They offer honors classes.

Submitted by a student

August 29, 2007

I stand in the middle because I see the potential of a school like Natomas High. I graduated from a very small private school and I can appriciate the activity of a large school. Unfortunately, I was concerned because of its size. I will not say that its all bad but, there is room for improvement. I would even be open to working on com. to help make suggestion to improve the school such as the lunch time, orientation and other necessary events. Also how and when Principles and Administration is introduced. I talked to other students and a lot didn't know what the Principle looked like or who he or she was. This is not good. But, before I point and complain sign me up I'm willing to help when I can and do what I can.

Submitted by a parent

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