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Justin Coupe

Roseville High School9

Roseville, CA | Placer County


August 18, 2013

ROSEVILLE high school is just simply am amazing school. I am a senior and I will be able to graduate on time with my class. The counselor was able to reduce my graduation required credits due to my academics. The school does need a coat of paint but that doesn't really matter, being surrounded by amazing and supportive teachers aand students is what makes rhs great school to attend.

August 9, 2013

I am currently a Sophmore at RHS and my experience there has been good but not great. I take band and it's never appreciated at all. Student government doesn't care for it at all and doesn't even support colorguard/winterguard as well when there both representing RHS as school spirit. We don't get enough help with recruiting either. We are dwindling here on people and we can't recruit when people don't know about colorguard, or when we don't get enough support from the school. Other than that my time here has been nice. The teachers are great, the football games are exciting and the school is definitely not ghetto.

August 8, 2013

Hi, Our school is very old and we need to win this money to have more pride in our school. WE want to have it painted and cleaned. My sister and I are twins and we are incoming Freshmen. We walked the halls to see where our classes are and couldn't believe how much the school needs cleaning and painting. It looks like the lockers, ceilings, doors, and a lot of the exteriors of the older classrooms need paint. They probably have not been painted in 50 years. There is rust and bad words and filth all over them. Dripped food, old smashed stuff, back gum spots everywhere, it is really bad! The school has not even swept the sidewalks or washed any tables or trashcans. They are filthy! The drinking fountains have disgusting stuff in them too. Spider webs and bugs on the lights and walls and tables. We even saw a dead rat in one of the hallways. Dead leaves and twigs from the trees are not picked up and the sidewalks need cement repair because the trees roots have made them uneven and dangerous, anyone could trip on them. We have pictures to back up what we are telling you. Please help! Thank you!

Submitted by a student

September 30, 2012

Roseville High School has an excellent staff and strong leadership focused on preparing every student for post-secondary education. Their API has jumped from the mid-600's to over 800 over the last five years. In addition, the UC/CSU A-G College-Readiness rate for graduating seniors has increased from 35% to 71% over the last five years. This is similar to the A-G rate at schools like Granite Bay and Rocklin High School. The AP program is also growing. RHS now offers 18 AP classes and the number of students enrolled in AP classes and taking the AP exams has doubled. RHS is a National Demonstration Site for AVID, which targets under represented students and prepares them for college. RHS has a strong co-curricular program, including well known VAPA, FACS, and CTE programs. This includes a state of the art culinary program with an industrial kitchen and an outstanding Geometry in Construction (GIC) program. In GIC, the students built a 700 square foot house while learning Geometry. This year RHS is celebrating it's Centennial Anniversary...The RHS community is full of tradition and Tiger Pride! And, RHS does all of this with the most diverse student body in the district!

Submitted by a teacher

August 3, 2012

Roseville high school is a great school, don't get me wrong. People think that because the school is 100 years old that it is ghetto, when it is not. Most of the buildings have been completely renovated and it has a good football field. The school has been subject to vandalism on certain occasion, but a lot of schools get vandalized. It is not only subject to RHS. Academics are good and the teachers are good as well, there is a wide mix of student groups. The school has a peer helping program that helps kids accept others and themselves and it's great. The band is hardly appreciated at all. The counselors will try to sway you to take AVID or underwater basketweaving instead of band. Which is wrong, and speaking of counselors, if you need to speak with them...Forget about it. You need to make an appointment and it's a total bureaucracy. Half of the time they are out at lunch and never even see you. Same with the principle. It's a good thing they removed the PAWS program as well. It wasn't working and only put more stress on staff and students. I would recommend attending this school, it really isn't bad. It has little issues that can be easily ignored.

Submitted by a student

June 30, 2011

Founded in 1912, Roseville High School is the oldest in its district. Located in the Sacramento suburb, Roseville, the high school on the hill has a student population of over 2,000. Roseville High proudly hosts and serves all special education and ELS students from the district making for a comparably diverse student population to its sister schools in the district. Roseville high has many clubs, sports, and other student activities from a German Club to a competitive Waterpolo Team, International Club to Football. Roseville High also boasts several student produced publications including The Eye of The Tiger newspaper, Rose Leaves yearbook, and the annual Roseville Review literary and art magazine. Though formerly in danger of Program Improvement(PI) status Roseville High has seen a recent academic turn around and seeks to maintain a level of satisfactory academic performance for the remainder of its history.

October 18, 2009

Roseville High School was a great high school for me. I graduated a while ago, but I think RHS did a good job preparing me for all that I've been faced with so far in college. I enjoyed the sports, the spirit, and the education all the faculty and students offered. RHS has some of the greatest teachers I've ever had in my life; as a student, I felt supported and encouraged. Extracurriculars were great, too! Now that the construction is over, the campus really looks great. A nice place to study and have fun with your friends!

Submitted by a student

October 3, 2009

Roseville High School really cares about the students, every step is taken to help each student grow, and learn to be successful in life.

Submitted by a parent

June 8, 2009

Kids who want to learn and are involved with parent support, will always do better and the extracurricular activities at RHS are awesome! As far as a parent saying it is a pit, where do you think the funds should go when they receive them - beautifying the outside of the school or working on the inside where education really counts. If money were not an issue, they would have all areas improved. Look at the Patti Baker Theater and other new buildings, new parking lot off Berry Street and painting amongst other things. They have done a lot. Your negativity is completely unjustified, because if you were there, involved with the inner workings of the school, you would think differently. Dropping your child off and not being involved doesn't give you a chance to see the inner workings of the school. We are very happy with RHS. Our first child is a graduate, our 2nd is currently attending and we will have a third right behind. We are proud Tigers!

Submitted by a parent

May 23, 2009

As a past student, I think the principles spend too much time trying to bust kids for drugs than paying attention to their education.

Submitted by a student

March 10, 2009

No school is perfect! Roseville has it's share of problems but they are not any worse than any other school. Everyone tries their best to keep our school a great place to be. If you have a problem at this school then you obviously have problems where ever you go. Roseville is great!

Submitted by a student

February 26, 2009

Roseville High school is s pit that very much shows its age. It s dirty (more gum on the sidewalks than side walk). Lockers are kicked in, dirty dingy; the only paint that isn t peeling is the graffiti. If you want your kids to have the feeling they are about to be shanked at any moment, Roseville High School is the place to send them. A large percentage of students can forget about extracurricular activities as the Rosveille school district has to ship kids who live 10 or more miles away to the school in order to get attendance up. Many students pass by other High scools like Woodcreek to go to this pit. How nice for all those families that paid Mello Rues to pay for Wood creek that our now forced to pass by it on their way to a vastly inderior school. Way to go Roseville, always amazing!

Submitted by a parent

February 1, 2009

I soon will have another child attending Roseville High in the Fall and really excited to be back invoved. I believe everyone has their personal experiences with the school and also unfortunate things happen. The key to a positive experience is to be involved. Your child and you! If you are involve you have a more hands on ability to communicate with the Administration in a positive manner. Most people that have negative experiences, probably have them wherever they go. Step up, get involve and make a difference. The schools are what you make them. It takes many to make a team not just one. Again, Go Tigers!

Submitted by a parent

January 30, 2009

Worst schools around.When the principle tells you they don't have time there is a problem. When you ask questions they beat around the bush. Roseville schools are about the money and not the kids!

Submitted by a parent

November 6, 2008

I currently go to Roseville High and there are few complaints I have. The campus is nice, although it's far to large, and you're not givin nearly enough time to get to classes on time. Also, while a lot of the teachers are dedicated to the students, a lot of them just don't seem to care much. It's better then a lot of schools in our district though!

Submitted by a student

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